A Milestone Post from DigNuggetville!

Hola Todos!

Please forgive me for not doing the normal “Thursday Topic Talk” (we’ll get it on Friday OK) but today’s DigNuggetville post is a milestone: #50.  As I stated in The Inaugural Post, “The number one mission of this blog is to disseminate, distribute, broadcast, circulate, etc., nuggets.”

As Mr. Chris Strom said in a recent conversation, “Dr. Dan-o, you will be playing in the proverbial sandbox for awhile until you get a feel for what you want to create with your sandbox.”

Well, I am happy to say that my “sandbox” is starting to take form.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are Topic Talk posts from the group.  Wednesdays are Leadership day.  Fridays are “keyword” day and Mondays are my Dr. Dan-o Blurt day.

I look forward to what next 50 posts will bring.  In the meantime, I listed the first flight of posts with links in case anyone in the group needs a nugget or two for their journals.

Thanks for all the support.


Dr. Dan-o


The Inaugural Post

Leadership  – What are the X Factors to Get to the Corner Office?

Apple/Google Hyperbole?

Great “nugget worthy” Blogs/Podcasts

Social Media Platform Smack Down!

Leadership – Leaders are Made (NOT Born)

Big Rocks First

Teaching Philosophy Part I

Teaching Philosophy part II

Be Happier in the Long Run

Leadership – Dream BIG but Plan Forward

Innovation is more Evolutionary than Revolutionary

Gaining/Losing Marketshare in a Rapidly Growing Marketplace

New England Tour

Social Media Story of the Summer – Google+ 

Steve Jobs – The End of an Era

Google Deal – HP deal

Are you a Morning Person? 

Data – Data – Data

Leadership: We Create our Own Future

Jeff Jarvis Talks to us about “Sharing” and Publicness”

Your Biggest Strength is Also Your Largest Weakness 

Jimmy Buffett Has Told Us Where to Find Margaritaville (Again)

How Big is the Universe – Scratch that, I mean the Internet?

Leadership – A Great Question to ask ALL the Time – WHY?

Tumblr Tips

Nugget Dictionary Edition – Shibboleth

A Leadership AND Keyword Nugget – Passion

Lady Gaga and Being Different (or Interesting)

Thoughts on Apple 4GS & Stuff

Steve Jobs – A ‘Different’ Kind of Leader

Some of the Best of Steve Jobs

Leadership: More then the Sum of its Parts

 Hotel Hell @ Hotel.com

Nugget Dictionary Edition – Empathy

BE Paranoid ALL the Time

– Leadership: The Power of Storytelling

– An Easy Lesson on “How to Fail”

– Apple’s Advertising Identity

– Leadership – Passion is the Fire that Kindles and Fuels our Talents

– Nugget Dictionary Edition – Myopic

– Yahoo should buy Twitter (and then merge with AOL)

– Topic Talk Tuesday – Relationship Loyalty vs. Company Loyalty

– Leadership – 30 Days Makes a Habit

– Topic Talk Thursday – Know Your Audience

– Nugget Dictionary Edition – “Jumped the Shark”

– Market Orientation (plus Market Driven vs. Market Driving)

– Tuesday Topic Talks – Are You Ready for the Cloud?

– Leadership – Creative Destruction


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