Jimmy Buffett Has Told Us Where to Find Margaritaville (Again)

Hola Todos!

Yes – you know that I’m a big Jimmy Buffett fan and the “ville” in “Nuggetville” is partially inspired by Mr. Buffett. (I wonder if the Zenga people are Parrotheads? Farmville any one?).

Well I guess this should have not surprised me when we have Margaritaville stores, hotels, restaurants, frozen food, tequila, beer (sort of Landshark), gas grills, blenders – I’m sure I’m forgetting a whole bunch of stuff but that metaphor of “I need to escape to St. Somewhere” – “Its 5 O’clock Somewhere” – Don’t sweat the small stuff and its ALL small stuff – Buffett owns that like no other.

So instead of Farmville – coming to the Facebook platform near you in a few weeks is “Margaritaville.” I mean for someone who has 600,000+ friends on Facebook, this should not be that hard to pull off.

For details and a short interview with Mr. Buffett, click here


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