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In my last post, I linked one of my favorite blogs “Apple 2.0 – Mac new from outside the reality distortion field two of my other favorite blogs are “This Week in Social Media” and “Closing Bigger” by Shane Gibson.

“This Week in Social Media” is a B-to-C blog that focuses on the cutting edge of what going on in Social Media.  The latest episode illustrates in extensive detail on how to (and how not to) crank up your Klout score.

“Closing Bigger” is more of a B-to-B – marketing strategy blog that more recently started homing in on social networking.  Mr. Gibson just wrote the book “Sociable” so he’s expanding beyond his sales management – marketing strategy background.

In my opinion, both are “nugget worthy” and you get both of them directly via their blogs OR via iTunes.  I download them to my iPhone and listen to them on the way to and from my hour plus ride to Seton Hall.


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  1. Thank-you Daniel for your feedback on my podcast. I’m always looking for feedback or ideas for topics. Feel free to drop me an email or a tweet with a question or topic idea.



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