Nugget Dictionary Edition – “Jumped the Shark”

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This week’s Nugget Dictionary Edition is not a word, but rather a phrase.  I love phrases and these can be just a powerful and philosophical as a good keyword.

I was reading the other day and it popped up again.  The headline went something like this, “Has XYZ firm Jumped the Shark?”  This article was about TiVo but less then a week earlier I saw it with 3D TV.

According to, “Jumped the Shark” is a pop culture reference to (click here):

“The precise moment when you know a program, band, actor, politician, or other public figure has taken a turn for the worse, gone downhill, become irreversibly bad, is unredeemable, etc.; the moment you realize decay has set in.”

An example offered on – “Tom Cruise jumped the shark the moment he jumped Oprah’s couch.”

Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on waterskis. Happy Days was a popular show but clearly began to decline “post-shark.”



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