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Hola Todos – I hope the day has been treating you well.

My family just got back from a fantastic visit with friends in our old stomping grounds of New England.  We visited friends in Frye Island, ME, Boston, MA and Plymouth, MA (yes we saw the Mayflower and the rock).  I even had a great lunch with Suffolk University colleagues Giana Eckhardt and Kevin Bao.  Kevin and I are working on an academic paper.  Thanks goes out to Christine Adams for helping promote this blog to all her social media networks.

The purpose of this email is not to gloat about the trip.  Yes it was wonderful but the message I wanted to convey is: when you are on vacation, BE on vacation.  Unplug – rest up – turn the phone off.  My semester starts up in just under 1 week and I’m ready to go –my batteries are fully recharged – not partially recharged.

Two HUGE news stories broke during the trip (e.g., the Google – Motorola deal and HP killing the consumer PC & tablet lines).  Both times I felt the urge to blog right away but you know, I was on vacation it felt better to hang out with family and friends.  Both of these stories are ongoing, both had trepid responses from Wall Street and the blogosphere, and I will comment on each in the near future.  Needless to say, Apple is very much responsible for what happened.  No surprises there.

Perhaps a vacation is not in the cards in the near future but try turning your phone off when you get home from work this Friday and see what happens.  I bet you the world does not come to an end.

Best regards,

Dr. Dan-o

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