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There are times that a word and a word alone can be inspirational – something to the kin of a mini mission statement.  New to Nuggetville (but not new to those who had me in class) are KEY nugget dictionary terms.  This week’s keyword is Shibboleth.

I came across this word again when I was reviewing the write up on Amazon of Jeff Jarvis’ new book Public Parts.  Here’s the quote: “But not Jeff Jarvis. In this shibboleth-destroying book, Public Parts argues persuasively and personally that the Internet and our new sense of publicness are, in fact, doing the opposite.”

The free Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary on the Internet defines Shibboleth as “a widely held belief,” “a truism,” “a platitude.”

Too often in the corporate world, something is “held high” – never questioned – never re-imagined.  It’s just a given – it’s a shibboleth.

My challenge to you is to think different or be different.  Find those shibboleths at your firm and QUESTION THEM DIRECTLY.  Perhaps you do this with yourself as a mind exercise or with a close confident but how can you “think outside the box” unless you first directly challenge the box?


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