Apple’s New Product is a…Car?

Hola Todos!

File this one under…to be honest, I’m not sure what to file this one under.  Making it’s debut last week at the Shanghai auto show, Volkswagon unveiled the iBeetle.  So what makes an iBeetle special?  Beyond the matching iPhone color schemes (available in gray, white, and black), the iBeetle has an iPhone specific docking station, that integrates with the vehicle’s navigation and audio systems. The VW/Apple -co designed app compares driving times and distances, tracks vehicle information such as coolant temperatures and oil levels, and streams music from Spotify or iTunes, in addition to, making calls through the iBeetle audio system.

Interesting…yes – revolutionary…not so much – even low end Fords, Chevys, and other econo boxes have similar functionality.  The Telsa cars have world-class computer electronics in them with iPad like machines (powered by Android) at easy reach from the driver and front passenger.  In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of the press release was that Apple board member Mickey Drexler was the focal executive of the story.  When was the last time that happened? Mickey made a reference to Steve Jobs and his dream of designing a car but no Jony Ives?  Expect to see the car in early 2014.

Something interesting to think about (driving)…

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