Leadership: Passion is the Fire that Kindles and Fuels our Talents

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Any leadership post with something by John Maxwell is worth reading.  Add one of my favorite writers Malcolm Gladwell into the mix and you have something great.  In his post below, Mr. Mike reminds us that nothing incredible happens without passion: “Passion is the fire that kindles and fuels our talents.”


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To:  The Great Leaders Who Have a Passion for Continuous Learning

Is “excellence” explained by one’s talents?  Are someone’s talents what drives extraordinary performance and achievements?  John Maxwell in his article, More Than Talent, acknowledges that while talent is important, “the primary pathway to excellence has three main steps”:

1) “Find Your Passion – People of excellence love what they do. They have learned how to fuel the fire that keeps them moving. How do you spot a passionate person?

·       They work with their whole heart.

·       They work with undistracted attention.

·       They work with maximum energy.

2) Never Cease Practicing – Passion won’t take you anywhere unless you combine it with disciplined practice. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, studies success and discovers that innate talent has a lot less to do excellence than does practice …  Nobody cruises to the top on natural giftedness alone. As Gladwell writes, “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”

3) Honor Your Values – We all could give examples of talented, charismatic people who sabotaged their careers by abandoning their values. Passion and practice bring excellence, but character sustains excellence over time. Absence of strong character eventually topples talent. People cannot climb beyond the limitations of their character. Eventually the limelight of success brings to light the cracks in their integrity.”

Great leaders recognize that talent in abundance is indispensable for a highly successful life.  They dedicate themselves to lives of continuous learning – growing and stretching themselves to find new possibilities in their life and the world around them.  Yet, all the talent in the world alone does not guarantee success.  Passion is the fire that kindles and fuels our talents.  It is the burning desire to find meaning and purpose in our life – finding and doing what we love – and then using our talents to their maximum to achieve our life’s dreams.  Let your excellence shine brilliantly with fire of your passion.  As the German philosopher Hegel wrote:  “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.”  Let your passion set fire to your soul and may you be more than you ever dreamed you could be.  Life is so very beautiful!

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