Tuesday Topic Talks – Are You Ready for the Cloud?

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Today’s Topic talk is from Sal Cardillo, Senior Analyst – Project Management/Product Development of Verizon.  Sal and I go way back to my University of South Florida days in Tampa and I believe Sal was in my first Professional Selling class I ever taught! As with many of my former students, we keep in touch and I help out with career advise/thoughts/ideas when we chat.

In today’s Topic Talk, Sal asks us if we are ready for the cloud – because it’s coming!  Sal, the floor is yours…



Hello everyone,

I just came back from a conference in Toronto Canada.  I am not sure how in depth I can really go, but I guess I can repeat what my president at Verizon said and maybe this will spark the interest of the group.

The panel discussion was: Measuring the Impact of New Services, Technology Innovation and Market Consolidation on the North America Carrier Market.

From Verizon’s perspective, we are seeing a lot of companies merging around the world.  Verizon is buying firms as well.  For instance, in the past 5 years, Verizon bought businesses such as Cloud Switch, Terremark, and Cyber Trust.  Companies are heading into the “Next Gen Products” these days and not buying or selling the traditional voice and data services.  Our President made a comment that these great services and new services are NOT free and NOT cheap, even when buying wholesale.

I guess my topic questions for your blog would be, how does everyone feel about moving to the Cloud?  Are they ready for the cloud computing days?  Do they feel safe and secure knowing their data and personal information is being backed up someone around the world?  Probably not to the same extent, but that same level of “trust” we had with the Internet circa 1997/1998 is probably the same level of “trust” we have with cloud services right now.

At Verizon, we are trying to make customers feel comfortable by buying what we feel are the best companies to have on our side so our customers information is safe at all times.   Terremark for there data centers, Cloud Switch for the software and experience in the cloud, and Cyber Trust for the security of it all.  In some parts of the world, the cloud is just a buzzword, but in other parts of the world, the cloud is already here and moving full speed a head.

Something to think about today…



Sal Cardillo

Senior Analyst – Project Management/Product Development of Verizon

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