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Mr. Mike is back with some words of wisdom. In this week’s post, Mike emphasizes, “look head – plan forward” very much in the spirit of “Big Rocks First.”  In addition, don’t just “dream big” but also make the plans to make those dreams reality.


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To:  The Great Leaders Who Have a Passion for Continuous Learning

A Chinese proverb tells us: “Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.”  In his recent article, How to Become the Person You Want to Be, Philip Humbert, leadership coach and guru speaks about personal development.  He puts his teaching in the context of our growth from the person who we are today and the person whom we will become.  To accomplish this he believes we need a plan: “Since change and evolution are inevitable, it follows that we either plan and control our growth, or we allow ourselves to be influenced by whatever forces happen to impact us.”

We change every day in our life – from our daily experiences, events, the people with whom we interact, all these influences result in change.  Few people, Humbert suggests, despite their vision of what they want to become or their dreams and goals, “have plans or budgets or blueprints to make it happen.”  Humbert’s words are a call to action.  We have visions, strategies and goals.  What specifically will we do and when will we do it to achieve them?  Our tomorrows come quickly.  Grab your todays and fill them with action that your dreams become reality and you, and the people whom you touch, will become more than we ever dreamed we could be.  Alan Lakein, author, reminds us:  “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

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