Welcome Back DigNuggetville: 2014 Edition

Hola Todos!

I hope the New Year has been treating everyone well and I hope we are sticking to our 2014 New Year resolutions.

Before I begin, I believe I owe the people of DigNuggetville an apology – or at the very least – an explanation; this is the LONGEST gap between posts in the two and a half-year history of DigNuggetville.  One of my mantras (as posted multiple times) is Big Rocks First – a philosophy to prioritize the many things I juggle day in and day out.  This philosophy forces me to think ahead and plan longer-term.

In November and December, I had rocks that were bigger than the blog (most noticeably – my tenure review and working with the 2014 NY/NJ Superbowl Host Committee).  Moreover, I was totally spent at the end of the Fall semester and took time during the semester break to really rest up; I shut everything down to enjoy the time with the family.

2014 and the Spring semester is here and as usual, there are many exciting things to tackle.  There is still much work to be done on the tenure front – the Social Media Communications Center will be in full swing starting Monday January 20th – and I have some interesting classes (Principles & Social Media – undergrad; Sales Management – MBA) this Spring semester.

I look forward to an exciting 2014!

Best regards,

Dr. Dan-o


Daniel M. Ladik, Ph.D.,


Associate Professor of Marketing

Stillman School of Business

Seton Hall University




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