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Being an educator, I am passionate about learning theory as I care deeply about student learning in my classroom.  I have an explicit teaching philosophy of which I have blogged about on DigNuggetville (see here and here).

In academic speak, the worldview articulated in my teaching philosophy is knowledge is constructed, not received.  Perhaps a simpler way to say the same thing is we learn by doing.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of having Joseph Rafanelli, one of my former MBA students from Seton Hall University and Ticket Sales Manager, as well as Joe’s boss Bryan Iwicki, VP of Ticket Operations and Dave Marek, Sr. VP of Marketing for the Somerset Patriots baseball team in my social media class.

Earlier in the semester, the students were divided up into teams and over a four-week period, the teams were charged with developing five novel social media strategies to imbue participation with the Patriots fans.  So yesterday, the students get to meet Joe, Bryan and Dave in person to discuss their ideas – in person.  I’m all about nuggets (aka takeaways) and I hope that both the students and the Patriots executives got a nugget or two from the experience.

We learn by doing and the students didn’t just do some random assignment for their professor.  They did something real that they could add to their resume.  I’d like to say thanks to both the students and the Patriots team for their time and effort in this project.

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Dr. Dan-o,


Daniel M. Ladik, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing

Stillman School of Business

Seton Hall University


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