Campbell Soup CEO Visits Seton Hall University

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We, in the Seton Hall community, had the pleasure of welcoming Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup Co. (and only one of twelve female CEOs in the Fortune 500) as the keynote speaker for our Fall Integrity & Professionalism Convocation (the video of the presentation can be found here). CEO Morrison discussed the future of Campbell Soup Co. but devoted much of the talk discussing her personal journey to the CEO seat.  I felt it was an incredible experience for the Seton Hall students, particularly for my two freshmen sections of BUSI 1000 (Introduction to Business) that are examining the functions of the firm through the lens of Campbell Soup.

The keynote presentation was part of a week of events including a Go Soups and Skillet Sauces tasting on campus.  The following are my nuggets – favorite takeaway or quotes from the presentation:

– – -“You can’t do it all at once but you can do it all over time”

– – – Denise started her career in sales at Proctor & Gamble and spent much of her pre-CEO career in the sale function; one of many Fortune 500 CEOs who rose to the position from the sales function.

– – – “The art of the zig-zag; Look at a company as an opportunity to gain different experiences” Meaning you make meaningful shifts in your career to gain difference experiences.  I really like this one as it echo’s Sheryl Sandberg’s metaphor from Lean In that your career is more of a jungle gym (i.e., there is more than one way to get to where you want to be) as opposed to a ladder where there is just one way up (or down).

– – – “Its not work life balance but work-life integration; you cannot be in balance all the time but you can balance out over time.”  I do not believe Sandberg’s book ever said this so clearly.

– – – “Networking is not fooling around.  Networking is hard work – building relationship for when you need them.”  This echo’s Reid Hoffman’s mantra in The Start Up of You that farming is a much better metaphor than hunting when thinking about networking.

– – – “Integrity and ethics is not an extra curricular activity.  It is who you are.”

– – – “Serve as a leader, live a balanced life, and apply ethical principles to make a significant difference.”  I believe in being more of a Y-type servant leader (here and here) than an X-type command and control leader.

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