Yahoo is Going to Save itself!

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I have been critical of Yahoo on the blog (try here and here) but now, Yahoo will be a firm to follow with the addition of former Google employee #20 Marissa Mayer.  Finally, Yahoo has itself a leader who will use her product and advertising knowledge gained at Google to steer Yahoo in the right direction.  The surprising and unexpected news broke on the NY Times Monday afternoon (click here).  Here is so much to talk about with this story that I am just going to blurt for now:

-Congrats for Marissa who jumped a few levels of the executive tree to land the CEO gig.

-Marissa is now one of 20 female CEOs in the Fortune 500.

-She could not have been very happy in the Page tenure as she was not given a significant position when he became CEO.

-I see this as a major blow to Google as the Page tenure has not smooth by any stretch of the imagination.  I feel Yahoo’s luck in landing Mayer has just as much to do with the lack of vision and/or conflict at Google with Page.

-Yahoo should be able to attract stronger talent (including some future Google defections) in the hyper competitive valley environment.

That’s it for now – I am sure I’ll be blurting about this more in the weeks to come.


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