Why Waste Your $3.8 Million on a 30 Second Super Bowl Ad?

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I have an ROI mentality when it comes to spending marketing dollars.  The idea of spending $3.8 million dollars on a TV ad, when it will be very difficult to determine what I will get in return for the money – – strikes me funny.  If I can’t track it, perhaps it is not worth the investment?  At the very least, we should consider a few alternatives.

What I like about the this Super Bowl article is it at least entertains the idea that one could get a lot more bang for the buck, as well as, trackable return by spending your $3.8 million via other means such as at least 8 days of homepage ad units on YouTube for up to $500,000 a day.
 For businesses that do not sell directly to the end user, perhaps the digital route is not all that much better but for any business that can directly convert online, I’d recommend spending your marketing dollars where they are easier to track.

Something to think about today.

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Stillman School of Business

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