Why College Graduates Lose Out On Jobs

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I often do Topic Talks in class when the students take over and bring in excellent nugget-worthy articles to share.  The other day, Chris Borkes sent me a great topic talks for my current and future graduates.  Chris summarized:

I came across this article that has a pretty good presentation that is easy to read and quick to get through at its length. It may seem to be common sense but I think some of these things are overlooked by soon to be or recent grads.  Figured you might be able to share it with some of your students if you find it of value and could potentially help them be even more successful and effective in their job search.

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I when through the powerpoint deck in the link highlighted above, I saw some really strong tips, as well as, pitfalls to avoid when going through the interview process.  I’m sure there are at least two if not more nuggets for you to add to your journal.

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