Topic Talk Tuesday – Work is FUN because it’s your PASSION

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Today’s Topic Talk is from Holly Rogers who is currently working at Nickelodeon in LA.  It’s a recurring theme here at DigNuggetville but it can NEVER be stressed enough – Passion – Passion – Passion (for instance, click here).  Ask yourself – is my work so interesting that I can’t sleep at night?  It’s so exciting I find myself talking about it with others very easily?  Do you enjoy going to work because WORK doesn’t seem like work?  Check out Holly’s “E True Hollywood Story” below.

Holly, the floor is yours…


Making it in a town where very few make it; this is my E true Hollywood Story.

In 2007 after graduating from Suffolk University with a bachelor’s degree in business, I did what every- other newly graduated does; moves to Hollywood to be a waitress. Well not really a waitress but an “actress” I soon realized I was no different than everyone else here. I was waiting tables and doing the norm for a “struggling actor” — headshots, agents, auditions, I learned very quickly that this is in fact a business. The stuff we see on TV is so far from the actual work. But honestly it wasn’t a creative outlet for me.  I remember one of the first auditions I ever went on, was for a fat Jessica Simpson (that was great for my ego) I began to wonder, really? Is this what I want to do with my life?

I knew if I wanted to do the Hollywood thing, I was going to be something bigger (no pun intended) than just Jessica Simpson’s fatter twin.  I began writing. I started with a 30 minute Pilot called “Have a little Patience” About a modern day- role reversal of “I love Lucy.”  It was terrible, a great learning experience, but just awful. I still cringe when I watch it.  My second project “Feathers” about 3 women in their mid- twenties, chasing their dreams; while working in a bar. And now a project that I actually think could be worthy, “Beantownies” about 3 childhood best friends from Boston, who have relocated to sunny Los Angeles.

After living here for four years, I’ve just begun to understand the way this place works. It’s the only place where hard work doesn’t always pay off.  Example– after ten years of writing and chasing this pipe dream, finally a script you wrote sells, and they make your movie (this is your baby) then it flops…  (Just because it flops doesn’t mean it’s bad.) Come on– Transformers made 300 million and a monkey could have written that script… BUT I can almost guarantee your phone will not be ringing off the hook.  This is why it’s called fifteen minutes of fame, because sometimes its gone way faster then it came. So I wonder why people do this. I ask myself this daily… Why do I want to be a sitcom writer? And this is what I have come up with—because it’s a really, really fun job.

Something to think about today…

Best regards,

Holly Rogers


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