Topic Talk Tuesday – The Boston Start-up Scene and Ramen Noodles?

Hola Todos!

Today’s Topic Talk is from Nick Holt (see link), recent Suffolk Business School graduate who has interned at Hector’s Marketing Solutions, Hollister Staffing, Mills & Co., Aloft Group, Strand Marketing/TZ Tee’s, and Mechanica Branding. Nick is going to talk about the Boston start-up scene and use a “ramen noodle” metaphor!

Nick, the floor is yours…

Hello everyone,

As any good networker would do, I have been getting into the startup scene of Boston for the past year. Recently, Scott Kirsner, a well-known Boston Globe writer covering the startup world, wrote an article titled, “Is Boston spawning too many startups, and starving growth companies for talent?” (link here).  The article created a firestorm in the Boston startup world and anybody who was anybody had an opinion about the article (i.e., there are developer/engineer shortages EVERYWHERE versus the opinion that startups require a different type of person and/or skillset because of the daily interactions with newer technology).

Personally, my take on Kirsner’s unpopular article was he had good reason to publish this piece seeing as a plethora of startups in the Boston and Cambridge area that I question whether [the startup] has the capability for growth or simply a person’s hobby-turned-business. Although, it was awesome to be right out of college and have this startup world surrounding you, too many startups are considered “ramen noodle” (click here for full explination of this metaphor) startups that have a neat idea but not a viable business plan, nor are in a position to hire.

Two noteworthy quotes:
1. “You can never have too many startups, but you can have too few shutdowns.”– Dharmesh Shah (Co-Founder of HubSpot, Inc). HubSpot has a $10,000 referral fee for awesome developers.

2. “TechStars? YCombinator? Just f*%$ing make something!”
Anthony Volodkin (CEO of HypeMachine) regarding the two BIG startup-funding firms.

Something to think about today….


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