Topic Talk Thursday – Networking, Networking and More Networking

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“How to network” is one of those topics to which I truly have a passion. Yesterday, I had Seton Hall Pirate Mentor Gabino Roche in class and we got into a solid “how to network” discussion.  Within the next 8 hours, I came across three solid networking articles that are loaded with nuggets.

The first is from Entrepreneur Magazine (click here) and it’s focus is on more than just being a networker, but also being a connector.  Second, is from the Harvard Business Review Blog (click here) and it details tips for introverts to network effectively.  Third, is from Fortune Magazine (click here); its excellent and features a lengthy book review from none other than the founder of Linkedin – Reid Hoffman.


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2 thoughts on “Topic Talk Thursday – Networking, Networking and More Networking

  1. I like how most of these authors didn’t refer someone as an introvert as being “shy. ” Sure, we’re all shying different circumstances; if someone has never been nervous, they don’t have an interesting life.

    I also enjoyed the quote, “I learned over time that when I extended my hand with a smile and an introduction my effort would be reciprocated, even when I approached executives above my rank.” That action is so intimidating pre-employment.

    • Hola Nick – Like leadership, I am a firm believer and proponent that networking is something that can be learned (e.g., were are born/not born with the networking gene). In many cases, the “non-talkitive” people who are are the best networkers. Most people who think they are good networkers either (a) talk to much in general and mistake that “work quantity = network building” or (B) like to hear themselves talk and don’t have the empathy to see relationships from someone’s else’s perspective. Its all about them and that is in my mind the #1 mistake in developing new relationships.

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