The Super Bowl – The Black Out Bowl – USA Today Ad Meter was OFF…

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The Super Bowl is always the biggest advertising night of the year where we usually see some of the most creative work in the field.  Interestingly, some of the most creative work happened during the blackout – now dubbed “The Blackout Bowl.”  Twitter absolute lit up 4 to 5 minutes in to the blackout and smart marketers such as Tide and Oreo took advantage and got way more bang for their buck than some of those sloppy $3.8 million 30 second ads.

Historically, The USAtoday Ad Meter has been on the ball when it comes to rating and ranking the best ads.  This year, however, I do not think they batted .500.   My top 5 in order were Audi – Taco Bell “viva young” – Tide – Oreo – M&M’s.  I liked many others including the Jeep and the Doritos spots and I’d but the Clydesdales in the top 10 (perhaps in the top 5) but the RAM, Kia, Deion Sanders/NFL draft or Hyundai ads did not belong in the top 10.  Taco Bell’s “viva young” – Best Buy’s Amy Poehler – and Oreo were down way too low.  Even the Mercedes Benz – “Simpathy with the Devil” spot should have been much higher.  At least they got the prenally bad Go Daddy ads correct – towards the bottom third of the list.

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