The Social Media Communication Center at Super Bowl 48: Part II

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As promised in part I, I wanted to follow up with another post after my experience in the Social Media Communications Center was complete.  If I were to use just one word that could sum up the experience, it would be dialog. I was very impressed with how the SMCC team was (1) able to keep up with the volume of tweets coming in and (2) how much of the overall percentage of tweets coming out of the SMCC were part of a dialog.

SMCC photo


Perhaps the most overused word in all social media is engagement.  I get that, and I understand why the word engagement is so popular, but I feel dialog is much more apt.  I’m ball parking the number here but I would say north of 95% of all tweets coming from the @NYNJSuperbowl handle were part of a dialog.  It is one thing to listen in on conversations in social media, and it is entirely another thing to have a seat at the table and dialog within those conversations; that’s my nugget from this experience!

To wrap this post up, here’s the latest from around the web on the SMCC:

-Speaking of social media listening, keeping up with all those tweets would have not been possible without the excellent social media listening software from Tracx

Three takeaways from the SMCC

-Fox came in with their football robot Cleatus and video 1 has a nice short overview video of the SMCC while video 2 is a 1 minute highlight reel of the whole super bowl week.  This 2nd video has excellent inside shots of the SMCC.


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