The Power of Story: Another View

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My nugget-radar is always up searching for information on the strategic use of storytelling.  While going through the multitude of LinkedIn groups posts the other day, I found a solid nugget from Stanley K. Ridgely, Ph.D., a management professor at Drexel University who also runs a professional blog centered around delivering business school presentations (

In a recent blog post titled, “Science Backs Storytelling?…Yes!”  (click here for full post), Professor Ridgely offers a few tips for adding storytelling elements to a presentation to make them more effective.

What caught my attention in the blog post was the mention of a book by Kendall Haven called Story Proof: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story I had not heard of.

In his blog post, Professor Ridgely details, “In this book, Haven compiles a wealth of sociological stories that inform us exactly what is meant by “story,” the source of its power, and then makes a compelling case that stories work so well because our brains are hardwired to learn most effectively from story-based narratives.  The mind-boggling and extraordinary truth is that each and every one of thousands of original sources agrees that stories are an effective teaching and learning tool.”

Check out the full blog post when you get a chance.  I’m going to get my hands on a copy of that book.


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