The Information Tsunami on This Week in Social Media

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I have a really, REALLY good video for you to watch that is FULL of nuggets.  Robert Tercek, host of one of my recommended video blogs “This Week in Social Media” (click here) did the keynote at Social Media Week titled “The Information Tsunami” (click here).

There is a strong build up to the 27 minute mark when the “Tsunami” metaphor kicks in, however, his version of Dr. Dan-o’s value creation/creative destruction begins at the 37 minute mark.  Mr. Tercek does an excellent job describing the four pillars of Social Media – Create, Discover, Consume, & Monetize – through the market leaders Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.   Although I have heard most of the content Mr. Tercek presents, I have never seen it so elegantly organized in this way.

To be direct, this is a MUST WATCH and I will make it a requirement for both of my upcoming social media classes in the spring semester.


Dr. Dan-o







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