The Blueprint: The Best Inbound/Content Marketing Explanation Ever

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I probably could have stopped at the title and just posted the link and that would have been that but I cannot overstate how nuggetworthy this podcast truly is. I’ve linked to Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Marketing Podcast many times in the past but there are few podcast I listen to over and over again.

Titled “Growing with Content: How to Start a Respectable Platform Other Will Love” is basically the story behind how got started. In the process of telling his story, Michael gives us much of his “secret sauce.”

Two of my favorite nuggets include: (1) give a gift to a friend and not expect anything in return.  Although he did not mention it by name, this is the Principle of Reciprocity straight out of one of my favorite books of all time. (2) Build relationships early before you need them. This nugget echoes my “farming not hunting” metaphor I picked from Reid Hoffman’s networking book.

Listen to this podcast today, and then tomorrow and again next week…

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