The 2014 Super Bowl Ad Round-UP: Plenty of Surprises

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The Super Bowl is one of my favorite nights of the year on Twitter and I spent most of the night on the #adbowl hashtag.  Since the game was such a blow out, much to Microsoft’s surprise when they created a great spot but then selected a 4th quarter slot, I feel more attention was paid to the commercials than usual. I mean the game was over in the first 12 seconds.

In my eyes, the Budweiser puppy ad took the crown – it was perfect in too many ways.  Interesting, this sentiment was practically universal on the #adbowl hashtag as well as Monday’s rankings.  In my top 5, I also have Audi, Kia (the Matrix!), Doritos “cowboy kid” and Coke in multi-language glory.

As for my surprises, (1) the game featured more serious than funny or shock ads, (2) the Audi ad did poorly in most of the rankings, (3) it seemed like 60-second ads were more popular than 30-second ads compared to previous years, (4) I’m still not sure what to say about that Bob Dylan and Chrysler spot, (5) kudos to Esurance for that end-of-game hashtag ad and (6), the overall quality was much higher than previous years.

Take Honda for instance – that was a solid ad and I’m sure it got many fans to stop and hug a family member while at a party but it was only mid-tier in this year’s rankings.  We also saw great ads from Doritos (time machine) Jaguar (evil dudes), VW, Budweiser’s Home Hero, Cheerios, Colbert’s Pistachio, Highlander w/Muppets, Chobani’s Bear in a convenience store, WeatherTech, MASERATI (at the bottom, really?) and Bud Light’s hidden camera spot.  Even GoDaddy did something on-point and tasteful with their body building spot.  If I were to sum the night up in one sentence; it was weird to have a clear #1 and a completely unclear #2 to #10.

It is not a Dr. Dan-o post unless it includes a bunch of links so here we go:

-The classic and original: the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter

-Youtube – complete highlight reel of all the commercials

-The Kellogg School of Management rankings featuring a nice 2 min video

-U2 was a nice surprise and yes, I have the song on my iPhone

-Behind the scenes on the making of the “Worlds Largest Human Doritos Chip” – this is a must watch

-And how can I neglect social?  The best of the best including JCPenny’s tweeting “drunk”

Now that’s A LOT to enjoy on a snow day…

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