Topic Talk Tuesday – Dr. Dan-o’s Syllabus Web 2.0/Social Media Class

Hola Todos!

Many of you know me via my MBA Web 2.0/Social Media class.  I created the first version of this class in the Spring 2004 while teaching at Suffolk University in Boston.  As you can imagine with this subject matter, the class has been revised multiple times both in terms of the title (e.g., Direct Marketing, One-to-One Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Co-Creation of Value, Web 2.0/Social Media) and content.  Compared to this time last year, the syllabus has approximately 25% per articles.

When you get a chance, download this puppy (see below) and find a few articles to explore and more importantly pull nuggets for your journals.

Best regards,

Dr. Dan-o

BMKT 7652 Spring 12