Topic Talk Tuesday – A Glimpse into our Mobile Future

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Today’s Topic Talk is from Chris Valley, Manager – Emerging Solutions at Deloitte Consulting.  I could not agree with Chris more here as the FUTURE will be mobile.  It’s been amazing to the watch the rapid evolution and adoption of mobile but more importantly, how mobile is disrupting industry after industry.

Chris, the floor is yours…


Microsoft recently released a video (click here) on how they envision technology helping people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go. There were a number of remarkable concepts that are explored throughout the video- but I was most interested the aspects that related to how the general public will be using their mobile devices in the future.

Mobile has really blasted off within the last year and we have seen amazing innovations within both the hardware and software space. Mobile internet usage is expected to eclipse desktop usage within the next two years and ultimately mobile devices will replace our credit cards, house keys, remote controls, cameras and a variety of other products that we use in our daily lives.

I’ve captured time codes and highlighted two KEY topics (Mobile Life Management & Near Field Communications) that caught my attention and that I thought were worth discussing.

Mobile “Life Management” (.33 and 1:26 into the video)

A recent study by Ground Truth, a mobile measurement firm, revealed that approximately 60% of the time spent on the mobile Internet is spent on social networking sites and apps.
Within the video we see a man and a woman access their devices for information. I found that the interfaces were fascinating visual representations of a person’s “life information” on a very small screen. As people’s life’s become even more inundated with information we will need help with how we are able to prioritize and process communications from work, family, friends as well as all of the other content we consume on a daily basis.  I’m curious to see the innovative solutions for how all that information can be brought together so we don’t miss that important business meeting, a photo from a friend, or a great deal from a nearby store.

Near Field Communications (NFC) (:44 and 1:49 into the video)

Near-Field Communication (NFC) has been heavily promoted this past year as it relates to mobile commerce—but I’m even more interested in the capabilities tied to NFC as a personal identification  system. Our devices will become our keys to access data stored on the cloud, to board a flight, to access more information about products and to make purchases.

In the video we see a woman checking into her hotel room and a key appears on her device—allowing her to skip the entire check-in process.  Later on we see a gentleman using his mobile device to interact with subway billboard. The ad is “aware” of the consumer and able to interact with the user one-on-one. Ad agencies and marketers should be salivating at the possibilities here.

It’s a fascinating video and although at times it starts to look like Minority Report outtakes – there are some thought provoking ideas for where our mobile devices are headed—and maybe it inspired someone to come up with an idea for the next cool mobile app.

Something to think about today…

Best regards,

Chris Valley,
Manager – Emerging Solutions at Deloitte Consulting