Social Media Metrics Roundup

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My passion for the Web 2.0/Social Media world is driven by an ROI mentality.  With regards traditional marketing (e.g., mass marketing), I feel the famous quote by John Wanamaker says it best:  “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Its not that social media metrics are perfect – far from it – but in my eyes, these new web are much better that anything we have ever had or did before.

The first of the three articles featured today is from Adweek (click here) and it opens with that famous Wanamaker quote.  In addition, the article details how old-school sex and age targeting will be rendered obsolete by better metrics.

The last two articles list a number of metrics tools – most of which I had never heard of and need to start exploring.  The first is from Amex’s OpenForum and discusses the 10 smartest web analytics tools (click here).  The second is from Social Media Examinier and explores 5 metrics tools specifically for Twitter (click here).

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