The Mac at 30…And Still Growing

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I was hit with a boatload of nostalgia this weekend as pretty much every major news outlet ran a story on the 30th Anniversary of Macintosh.  I started my freshmen year in college with a Mac Plus and I thought I was cool because I ordered an external 3.5 floppy drive so I could run the program in one drive and save files to the external drive….cool. By my sophomore year, I bought a 20-megabyte external hard drive –  it was so large, that the entire base of the Mac Plus, of which the Mac sat on top of, was the same size.  I now carry around a 16-gigabyte flash drive that is smaller than my thumb and $2,400 less than what I paid for the Mac Plus.

Yesterday, Apple reported their financial results for last three months of 2013 and it was a record quarter for the company.  Wall Street was not happy, but that’s nothing new as most traders have a pessimistic view of Apple.  Apple did report sales of 4.84 million Macintosh computers in the last quarter, up 17% from the same quarter a year earlier.

In my eyes, that really amazing; how many products can think about that are 30 years old and are still relevant? Particularly in a category where innovation is as rapid as the tech industry; we are not talking about Coke or Pepsi here.

So if you searching for a little nostalgia or would like to learn a little history, here are some cool links:

-Apple’s self-produced 30-year highlight reel

-From NPR – The Macintosh is still an archetype of innovation

-Also from NPR – some excellent “claim chowder”

 “The standard is five-and-a-quarter inch. And they have made a corporate decision that the 3-1/2-inch drive is going to make it. I don’t see it myself. But this whole computer is a calculated risk on Apple’s part. If the world is ready to accept a brand-new standard, this machine will make it. If it’s not, the machine won’t make it.”

-One of the earliest Steve Jobs showmanship exemplars – A video on the debut of the Mac

-In a Super Bowl week, how can one neglect the original Mac Super Bowl ad – perhaps one of the greatest ads ever created

Something to reflect back on today…

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