Time Management Revisited: Rethinking Time and The Power of Multipliers

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Time management has been a common theme on DigNuggetville going all the way back to Post #7 on August 22nd, 2011 – “Big Rocks First!

Today’s time management nugget is courtesy of Jennifer Aaker, the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. In her 4-minute video featured on the Leanin.org blog, Professor Aaker tells us not to multi-task in attempt to accomplish multiple different goals at the same time.  Rather, Professor Aaker asks us to rethink time and work on one activity that can fulfill multiple goals.  She calls this nugget a “multiplier.”

On a related note, Professor Aaker is a stellar marketing scholar and I would put very few professors in her echelon.  Back when I was in my doctoral program and President of American Marketing Association’s Doctoral Student Special Interest Group (DocSIG), Professor Aaker graciously agreed to be the keynote speaker at one of our conferences.  She recently published an excellent book titled “The Dragonfly Effect” which details effective and powerful ways to use social media to drive social change. A fantastic presentation on the book by Professor Aaker titled “How Ideas Take Flight” can be found on the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thoughts Leaders series.

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