Excellent Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing Infographic

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I hope we had a wonderful holiday weekend.  According to Wikipedia (click here), Infographics are graphical and/or visual representations of information, data, or knowledge.  Believe it or not, we humans think visually.  Even if we just see words on a page, our brains often process a mental image of what that text proposes to represent.  Infographics help us process a lot of information quickly or complex information easier (e.g., weather maps or traffic signs).  Infographics are not new (think Egypt and hieroglyphs) but have grown exponentially in today’s social media-linked media culture.

There was an excellent infographic on Mashable (click here) depicting the differences between inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing.  Most notably, inbound (e.g., social media) is two-way and earned while traditional (TV or billboard ads) is one-way and mostly bought.  This infographic is well worth the 1 to 2 minutes it will take to process.


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