Facebook and the IPO

Hola Todos!

Well…. the day has finally come – Facebook filed IPO earlier this evening and their S1 is now available (click here).

Right now, the blogoshere (Twitter, blogs, etc) is having a field day as my relatively small Twitter feed is seeing 10 to 15 new tweets per minute.

I am sure there will be better and more detailed articles published in the next 24 (Facebook has almost a 20 to 25% margin last year!  That’s better then I thought) but for now, here’s two really good ones

Details on the S1 (click here)

New expectations on a young and soon to be billionaire CEO (click here)

Happy reading..


Dr. Dan-o



Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook: “The Four Horsemen of the Tech World.”

Hola Todos!

Ever since I watched that incredible video two weeks ago on This Week in Social Media (for full post, click here), I have been calling Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook “the Four Horsemen of the Tech World.”

NPR (click here), via a good article from Fast Company (click here), also believes these are four leaders and each are increasingly battling for the same turf. Could this be one of the early story-lines to follow for 2012?


Dr. Dan-o