Nugget Dictionary Keyword – “Drinking from a Fire hose”

Hola Todos!

Two editions in a row, the Nugget Dictionary Keyword is a phrase.  But don’t fret, it’s a good one. Our friends at define “drinking from a fire hose as:

“to be overwhelmed (with information, work, etc.); to do something intensely; to be inundated

I’m still drinking from the firehose, learning all about working in this new world that I find myself in.

Think about it for a second…could you actually get a drink from a fire hose? Well in a word, NO.  The water pressure is so strong that it could take your head off.  It is also very common to hear the phrase in terms of data.

Klout has access to Twitter’s fire hose of data to power its algorithm.

Put that fire house down after work today and have a great weekend.

Best regards,

Dr. Dan-o