Topic Talk Thursday: 3-D Projection Mapping & Technology Augmented Reality

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Today’s topic talk is interesting for a variety of reasons.  First, the idea for this topic talk came from watching one of my favorite blogs This Week in Social Media.  Although this video was on a totally different topic (click here for Robert Tercek’s video presentation from the Causal Connect Conference titled Beyond Play: Gaming in the Connected Age describing the gamification or pointification of today’s marketing world such as airline miles or credit card points), something else caught my eye.  One of Mr. Tercek presentation themes was Spectacle and he feels (and I agree) that 3-D Projection Mapping by firms such as Pearl Media is one way to create a visually stunning and engaging environment for an audience (note – pick up his presentation at the 49 minute mark and watch to the 51 minute mark – cool stuff).

Second, this caught my attention because less then a week earlier, one of my Seton Hall University students – Colton Furbur, introduced this nugget to our class.  His topic talk discussed Pearl Media’s 3-D campaign for the Lexus CT (see text and video link below).

Finally, Mr. Tercek’s presentation included one of those “I can’t believe what I am seeing videos” that you forward to all your friends because its so cool” discussing Technology Augmented Reality (pick up the video at the 51 minute mark).  In the video, presenter/magician Marco Tempest does one of the coolest and persuasive presentations with 3 iPhones one could ever imagine.  Don’t miss it!

Colton, the floor is yours….


Hello everyone,

Pearl Media has become one of the latest innovators in marketing with 3D advertising.  The video campaign (click here) was a 3D demonstration promoting the latest Lexus car, the CT Hybrid, occurring outside in the middle of Los Angeles, CA on April 22nd 2011, which happened to be Earth Day.  This 3-D video was projected on the side of the Roosevelt Hotel that overlooks Hollywood Blvd.  This technology is brand new and requires the use of more than 15 projectors to produce the 8,000 foot image. The demonstration was in full High Definition and shows images that make the building appear to be moving, exploding, and even has a car driving right through the middle of it.  Spectators were packed all around the hotel to see the 3D projection that, unlike movies, required no use of 3D glasses.  Pearl Media the first to venture into this extreme type of marketing and seems to be the pioneers leading the movement towards more creative and innovative ways to reach consumers.

Pearl Media was able to advertise and promote the Lexus Hybrid in a way that has never before been seen by consumers.  They partnered with Lexus to use the communication process to reach consumers and their target market.  Lexus, the sender, determined what kind of message they were going to portray.  Because they are promoting a Hybrid car they decided to do the demonstration on Earth Day and hired Pearl Media to be their transmitter.  Pearl Media then decided how to encode the message Lexus was trying to deliver.  They did this by incorporating most of the elements into the advertisement including both Earth and Water.  The communication channel chosen to carry Lexus’s message, was the 3D video that played on the side of the Roosevelt Hotel in the middle of Hollywood, CA.  The receivers of the message were the people who lined up on the street to watch the presentation and hopefully decode the message that Lexus wanted to deliver.  In my opinion, Pearl Media did a fantastic job in all of these aspects of the communication process and will be a company to following in the marketing world.

Something to think about today…

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Colton Furbur