Some Nuggets on Professional Selling

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I am happy to say that I’m teaching Professional Selling again this fall semester so one would expect to see a few more selling nuggets over the next few months on DigNuggetville.

To begin, everyone needs to be persuasive in some way, shape or form but perhaps sales people need to more consistently polish their persuasion skills.  A recent article from Inc Magazine highlights 7 Things Really Persuasive People Do.  Item #2 – listening – is 100% spot on.

Second, Gary Vaynerchuk’s (CEO and founder of Vayner Media) most recent post is on storytelling – a passion of mine.  The best sales people do not just hammer features, advantages and benefits – the best sales people do a spectacular job of telling the story of the value proposition.

Finally, Professor Greg Marshall, one of mentors and the author of the sales text we are using this fall semester, is organizing an excellent session titled “Aligning Sales with Marketing.”  The session is sponsored by the American Marketing Association and will be held in San Francisco on October 3rd & 4th.  For those of us who cannot attend, Greg created an excellent podcast that highlights a few of the key nuggets that will be discussed in the session.

All of the above are great nuggets to add to your journal today…

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