Social Media Promo vs. Super Bowl Promo: Who Wins?

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At first glance, the results from this study is exactly what I’ve been preaching in my social media classes:  new media (e.g., the interactive, two-way social kind) is much better than traditional media (e.g., the one way, untrackable, I don’t know what I’m getting for my money kind).

As I have mentioned a few times before, I have an ROI mentality and I do not recommend for anyone to spend their marketing dollars when they do not know what they are getting for those expenditures.  Digital media is not perfect but it is a lot better than wasting half of my advertising dollars.

In a study of 500 small businesses by office supply giant Staples, 41 percent of the participants indicated they would take two million fans, almost double the number that would prefer a celebrity endorsement (22%) or a one-time Super Bowl ad (18%).

At second glance, the headline is much better than the overall results of the study.  Not only is 500 a relatively small sample size, it only includes small businesses (which goes undefined).  In addition, how much each of the survey participants spend on advertising is also unclear.  In summary, it makes a nice blog post but the results are not generalizable to larger firms nor other small businesses.

Something to think about today…


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