Social Media Listening: Apple & WWDC

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Last week was a big week for Apple.  At the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple debuted new Mac Airs, Mac Pro, iTunes Radio, iOS7 and OSX Mavericks.  Wondering what was the most talked about of these new announcements?  In an excellent exemplar of social media listening, Philip Elmer-DeWitt on his Apple 2.0 blog linked to an interesting analysis by Silicon Valley based social media monitoring firm called Viral Heat.

According to their report, Viral Heat detailed iOS7 was the winner with 417,336 tweets, 15,082 Facebook comments, 15 Pinterest pins, 20,800 mentions on the real-time web, and 3,097 videos (not sure if these were YouTube, Vine, or something else).

Regardless if you’re a Mac person or not, social media listening and reports like this one are more commonplace then ever.  And, this type of analysis is not limited to big events or conferences.  I know for a fact, that major CPG firms track 24/7 their top-tier brands on the social web.

Something to check out today…

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