RE2PECT: One of the Best Ads of the Year

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Yesterday, Nike’s tribute ad to retiring Yankee legend Derek Jeter was buzzing all around the blogosphere – and rightfully so.  It is without question, one of the best ads of the year. Even at 90 seconds, I watched it once and then I immediately watched it again.

Created by famed agency Weiden + Kennedy, the ad begins with long time (1951-2007) Yankee PA announcer Bob Sheppard stating, “Now Batting for the Yankees, Number 2 Derek Jeter, Number 2.” Soon after, we see #2 running through is trademark routine, which includes a sight tipping of his cap. The pitcher, Red Sox’s Jon Lester returns the tip and that small acknowledgement goes viral including dozens of celebrities.

My two favorite hat tips in the ad are: the Red Sox fans in the Boston bar (their facial expressions are priceless) and the Godfather-esque scene in the dark restaurant with retied Yankees Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, Joe Torre (in the middle, of course), Tino Martinez and Jorge Posada.

Check out that ad today…and watch it twice…

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Daniel M. Ladik, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor of Marketing

Stillman School of Business

Seton Hall University

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