Privacy…Lost: What The Digital Marketers Know About You

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Privacy, or they lack of, is a meaty topic worthy of a Ph.D. effort.  The more I read articles like the two I read last week, the less I should be surprised but it never turns out that way.

The first of these posts, from, highlights the firm Acxiom, one of the largest data brokers in the business. A PBS documentary that runs a few years back detailed that Acxiom processes a billion pieces a data per day.  Don’t miss the 3-minute video by CNN interviewing the CEO.

The second of these posts in The Atlantic highlights how data firms forecasts and targets consumers.  The link as an excellent exemplar of a data forecast or chart (scroll half-way down) highlighting the level of data and analysis these firms do on individual consumers. The “don’t miss” in this post is the link to a previous article on how Target dataminded for future potential parents.

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