Preparing for Life After College: What Is the Firm Looking for in an Employee?

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In a follow up to yesterday’s post, Scott Glovier of Valassis, who visited my Professional Selling class, said many other nuggetworthy thoughts and the comment below I had to share.

In his role at Valassis, Scott conducts a lot of interviews, especially with sales positions. In one of his slides, Scott mentioned there are a number of qualities he looks for in a candidate. He thinks of these qualities not as an absolute score, but rather on continuum (one of my favorite words) and through a series of questions, “scores” each candidate.  Here are those excellent eleven qualities:

Risk taker versus Reckless

Smart versus Know-it-all

Proud versus Egotistical

Confident versus Arrogant

Good communicator versus Good talker

Empathetic versus Sympathetic

Persuasive versus Pushy

Competitive versus Win at all costs

Humorous versus Obnoxious

Listens with the intent to understand versus The intent to respond

Team player versus A mercenary

Something to think about before your next interview…

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Daniel M. Ladik, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor of Marketing

Stillman School of Business

Seton Hall University



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