Preparing for Life After College: Top Questions to Ask on a Job Interview

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I have a passion for being in the classroom. At the start of the semester, usually within the first 10 minutes of the first class session, I say: “Yes, we will earn a grade in this class and we will fulfill an important requirement of some sort, however, one of my main goals for the semester is to prepare you for life after college.”

That’s not an easy goal and there is no one-way to tackle it but I do a variety of things during the semester to accomplish this very important task. One, for instance, is to bring the “real world” into the class with guest speakers. One of my most recent speakers was Scott Glovier of Valassis, who visited my Professional Selling class. Scott is an excellent mentor and has partnered with Seton Hall and the Network for Executive Women to build a mentorship program with some of the sharpest female marketing majors in the Stillman School of Business.








We talked about a variety of topics during Scott’s visit. One topic that students kept circling back to was tips for interviewing, which happens to be an excellent topic for Scott as he has lots of experience interviewing salespeople. In his response, Scott recommended the following questions to ask during an interview:

-What are your most profitable products/services? And why?

-How would you describe the firm’s culture?

-What types of recognition programs do you have?

-What are some of the firm’s biggest challenges?

-What are some of the key traits or characteristics of the top people?

-What do you like the most about this firm?

-How do I fit into the puzzle here at the firm?

Thanks for the wisdom Scott!  These are all excellent questions to think about on your next job interview.


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Daniel M. Ladik, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor of Marketing

Stillman School of Business

Seton Hall University


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