Nugget Dictionary Keyword – Modius Operandi

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Today’s Nugget Keyword of the day is Modius Operandi or in its shorted form M.O.   Wikipedia (click here) describes modius operandi as a Latin phrase (approximately translated as “mode of operation”).  The phrase Modius Operandi is commonly used to describe someone’s habits, manner of working, or their method of operation or function.

We often hear the phrase used in police TV shows or movies – something along the lines of, “That’s not our killer’s M.O. – what’s going on here?”

I often see the expression used in business contexts.  For example, it is Apple’s M.O. to be very secretive about product development or Google’s M.O. to release everything in Beta form and let the user population determine future functionality.

Dr. Dan-o’s M.O. for the DigNuggetville blog is to do marketing strategy on Monday’s, topic talks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Leadership on Wednesdays, and Nugget Keywords on Fridays.

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