News of the Week: All Eyes on Apple with New iPhones and iOS7

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Tuesdays will be Apple Day in the media as we get to see what Tim Cook and Team have up their sleeve.  There is little doubt that Apple will debut two new iPhones: (1) a high end model probably called the iPhone 5s and (2) a lower end model probably called iPhone 5c.  What else may we see or not see?  Here are two nice roundups (#1 and #2) but regardless of what happens in Cupertino, some members of the media will surely be disappointed because “Apple cannot innovate without Steve Jobs.”  The “Apple has an innovation problem” commentary has already started.

If it wasn’t for Microsoft – Steve Ballmer – Nokia – I’m sure Apple would have dominated the headlines last week as well.  However, I’m curious how Apple’s news on Tuesday will impact not only the Microsoft – Steve Ballmer – Nokia story lines, but also the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch (or whatever that thing is) and Android story lines.   Nice candy bar or not (even Dr. Dan-o got a quote in on Google -KitKat), I’m sure we’ll see an update on iOS7 on Tuesday and comparisons with Android will be enviable.

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