More Than Just Clicks: Where is the Social ROI?

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A friend forwarded me this link yesterday from TechCrunch highlighting comments from the TechCrunch Disrupt NY conference. At the event, senior advertising managers from Google, Facebook, and Twitter discussed/argued the value of digital advertising. Surprisingly, the panel spent more time discussing the value of a click than anything else.  Not surprisingly, the three firms stated that their brand advertisers are most concerned with the reach, frequency and results of their ad campaigns.

As my students will surely attest, I have an ROI mentality and discussing how much a “click” is worth is mostly uninteresting.  Of the three panelist, only Facebook mentioned  they have “been doing quite a bit of research in an attempt to tie online ads to offline purchases.”  In the article, Facebook said they are working with “Nielsen and DataLogix” which means they are really working with our friends at Catalina Marketing, which is the only firm that can link online behavior to offline purchases.

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