Mondelez Transitioning to Digital

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More and more marketing firms are switching their advertising dollars from traditional media to digital media.  Here were my thoughts from a previous DigNuggetville post on Nike:


“I have been singing this song for the past 3 to 4 years now: the decline of traditional shotgun mass-marketing national TV advertising and the rise of interactive, two-way, trackable and ROI calculating advertising – all at the same time being significantly micro-targeting to smaller and more specific customers.” 


Mondelez is the next Fortune 500 firm to begin the transition to digital with the goal to grow mobile and digital from about a quarter of its media budget to more than half of all spending by 2016. Speaking of quotes, let’s see a few from Mondelez:


“Digital programming has proven to drive twice the ROI of traditional TV advertising”

-The brand also claims to be the No. 1 food brand on Facebook with more 35 million fans. “Does [digital] really drive sales? Absolutely, Oreo has grown double digits two years in a row, generating over a billion in revenue in North America last year.”


While I do not believe digital advertising vehicles are superior to traditional advertising vehicles in all cases, the advantages including costs, trackability and microtargeting are getting harder and harder to overlook.

Something to keep track of this year…


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