Leadership: It’s the Unexpected that is Memorable

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In today’s leadership post from Mr. Mike, he reminds me of a very useful nugget I picked up this year – do the unexpected.  In the book Made to Stick, authors Chip & Dan Heath explain in great detail that expected things are not memorable but unexpected things are.  If a leader wishes to be persuasive, then part of his or her message should be unexpected.

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To:  The Great Leaders Who Have a Passion for Continuous Learning

Stephen Sondheim, musical producer, wrote: “All the best performers bring to their role something more, something different, that what the author put on paper.  That’s what makes a theater live.  That’s why it persists.”  The best-performing leaders do the same in the roles they choose that life calls them to play – they always bring that beautiful and special ‘something more.’

They are the ones who see challenges as opportunities for change and greatness.  They are the ones who see a bigger picture and vision that captures and inspires the imagination.  They are the ones who surprise us with the gift of the unexpected, the unique that creates a world of new possibilities. They are the ones who leave us with smile, a warm satisfaction and comfort and a sense of caring after a conversation.  They are the ones who rekindle our passion to accomplish our greatest dreams of doing and being, fire our love of life and all its beauty and inspire us to be more than we ever dreamed we could be.

In all that you do, bring “something more” to everything that you do – your profession, your family, your community and those whom you serve.  Make life’s theater come alive with your beautiful and special gifts that only you have been given.  Inspire us all to greatness and joy beyond our wildest dreams.

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