How High will Apple’s Stock Go? Part II

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In recent months, Apple has been consistently valued by the stock market as one of the most valuable firms in the world.  In such rarefied air, Apple is often scrutinized by Wall Street.  Just this past March, even I took stab at where Apple’s stock was heading (click here).

Recently, a new round of prognosticators – some professionals, some rigorous amateurs – served up their latest predictions.  First, up is from Gene Munster, a research analyst at Minneapolis brokerage firm Piper Jaffray and he is calling for Apple to reach $1,000 a share by 2014 and become the first U.S. company worth $1 trillion (click here). Second, is an investor roundup compiled by Philip Elmer-Dewitt, Editor of the Fortune Apple 2.0 blog and he found the average consensus places Apple’s target share price was at $724 to $753 (click here).

Something to think about today…

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