Google Heats Up the Table Battle: The Real Battle is in the Living Room

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On Wednesday, Google introduced their new Nexus 7 tablet to the world (click here for an overview).  At 7 inches and a $199 price point, Google did a smart thing by aiming it at the Amazon Fire and not the iPad.  The reviews have been positive (click here) and in my eyes, the most interesting Nexus 7 detail released yesterday is that it will be assembled in the United States (although details were vague on this point).

However, the more interesting product announced yesterday was the Nexus Q: a two-pound magic 8 ball looking device that streams content to your TV and uses the phone as the controller.  At $299, its $200 more than an HD Apple TV box but it sure seems like a battle for the living room is brewing for the end-of-the-year holiday shopping season.

Click here for an interesting video of both the Nexus 7 and the Nexus Q.

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