Follow-up to “Soft Skills Toolbox” Leadership Post

Hola Todos!

Julian Rivera, a financial analyst in NYC, had an excellent link, nuggetworthy one could say, in the comment section to Mr. Mike’s “Soft Skill Toolbox” leadership post (see Wednesday’s post here).

Don’t miss this one!


Dr. Dan-o


Dear Community:

Whether you are trying to land that “dream” job, get the girl/boy, convince Dr.Dan-o for an extension (been there), etc., we are ALWAYS selling something, thus a solid pitch is a must!

As my first contribution to the site, I would like to share an article (click here) I came across this morning on the Fast Company website (some of you might have seen it in Linkedin)

Here are just five nuggets that could prove pivotal in any scenario… Any others come to mind?

Go get’em!!

Julian Manuel Rivera

Financial Analyst, NYC

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