Facebook, Microsoft, Non-Verbal Communication and a Bunch of Other Stuff!

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Now that we are past the Super Bowl, it’s time to get caught up with EVERYTHING… including DigNuggetville.  I’ve been stockpiling potential post for weeks now and with so many interesting articles, it would be March before I get to anything new.  So to unclog the logjam, here’s a meta-list of super nuggets!



Happy Birthday Facebook – what did you get for your 10th birthday?

-A nice 10-year highlight video 

Five Key moments that changed Facebook

-CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the Today Show with a nice video of FB’s headquarters


Microsoft has a New Leader

-Microsoft has a new CEO – How Satya Nedella will change the company

-Satya Nedella: Signs of Leadership


Nonverbal Communications Nuggets

-5 Keys to Great Nonverbal Communication

-What if…. Details Determined Good Communication?

-7 Steps to Earn Others’ Trust without Saying a Word

-Does Body Language Shape Who You Are?



A Bunch of Other Stuff (to unlock this reference, watch this video)

-The Logic Behind 19 Common Interview Questions

-How to Network Purposefully

-Five Things Dale Carnegie Can Teach You about Social Selling

-Jeff Bezos: A Strong CEO

-How Daydreaming Can Actually Make You Smarter

-Content Marketing Challenges

-Content Marketing and ROI

-Steve Jobs would go for a walk to clear his head

-Apple’s New Retail Executive: Angela Ahrendts

What is SquareSpace with headquarters in New York City?


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